The creative process is fluid but strategic and typically follows these steps:

  1. GATHER — Information gathering is critical to the start of any project. We talk with the client, learn about their organization, their products, services and target audience. We ask the right questions and do the necessary research to determine the proper strategic approach to take.
  2. TARGET — To achieve desired results, you need to know what the expectations are. We work with clients to define and articulate their goals and objectives and set parameters for the scope of each project.
  3. BRAINSTORM — This is when the creative sparks start to fly. Inspiration can come from just about anywhere… a doodle, a sketch, a creative play of words, a color, an image. Here’s where we explore possibilities and challenge conventional thinking, honing ideas into working concepts.
  4. DRAFT — Concepts take shape and prototype designs are developed for initial presentation to the client.
  5. REVIEW — Client and designer critique the concepts together, selecting the most effective solution and making note of any necessary revisions or modifications.
  6. REFINE — Change requests are made, copy is written and edited, photos are shot, artwork is finalized, proofs are made and routed for approval.
  7. PRODUCE — Files are completed and sent out for production, web pages are built and tested, deliverables are ordered and press checks are attended. No detail is overlooked until the job is done!