Planet Hollywood

The Mega-Star of themed restaurants, Planet Hollywood is a phenomenon whose success displays the power of marketing and a finely-crafted graphic identity.

In 1991, Matt Merkel worked with the marketing team of founder Robert Earl, former President and CEO of Hard Rock Cafe, to develop a new themed restaurant chain inspired by the glamour and excitement of the big screen. Together with celebrity investors Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, the team molded a visionary concept into the dynamic brand that has become a pop-culture icon recognized throughout the world.

From menus to merchandizing, marketing collateral, apparel, signage, and even restaurant architecture derived from the logo itself, every facet of the chain’s brand revolves around the Planet’s eye-catching logo, designed and illustrated by Matt Merkel.

At its peak, the franchise grew to over 100 worldwide restaurant locations and now operates a luxury hotel and casino in Las Vegas.

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